Redesigning of Toronto Jazz Festival Website

I redesigned the Toronto Jazz Festival Website.

This is the original site.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.13.59 PM.png

In my opinion,

The Original site has too many menus on main home page and it could makes people confuse to reach information what people want to know.

So, I decided to tried reorganize the way to show information and change all the form including actual design things for looking better.

Firstly, I started to change menu to be clearly on the top of homepage.


I separated the menus that are often using by viewers, and also made a language option of “ENG FRA” for French Canadian.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.05.02 PM

Secondly, I changed the main image of concert to be able to show the simple information, and added one more main image which can be interesting to people.

By changing this part, it probably can reach to people more effectively.

Heavy information is usually hard to remember,

but the simple information can be more easily reached to people.

스크린샷 2016-10-19 오후 11.56.10.png

Lastly, I tried to bring out more about their news and blog posts with image on the main homepage.

When I look the original site, they are showing both of news and blog posts on beside

of homepage and it seems like they supposed to show it more to people.

However, they have put only small titles and sidebars for showing and it was very hard to make an attention from people.

(I checked another Canada jazz festival’s homepage and I got that they also tried to show these news or blog posts quite importantly.)

So, I brought it out on the main homepage and reorganized it.

 Now I think that there are some interesting options to read and reach more about details.


This is my entire of redesigning thing of Toronto Jazz Festival website.

Festival’s websites usually have to show many of information on the homepage for about main schedule, artists, events, location, and even food sometimes.

Because, eventually people are keep try to look for information while they are enjoying the festival.

Therefore, I think that it has to be considered about how to give some quick information which is important, and how it could be connected with other details.

I have tried to make more useful and interesting site visually,

But It is my first work of designing in my life.

I hope that it could be good start for me!

Thank you.

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